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How To Organize In Awkward Spaces


Cramped spaces in your Toronto home can often lead to some awkward storage situations. Obviously you’ll need to maximize every inch of space in your Toronto closet design, but how? From unconventional ceilings slope to choppy staircases, some spaces just seem like wasted potential. You can’t for the life of you figure out a way around these obstacles. Luckily, our Toronto closet designs have plenty of storage solutions for every awkward space in your home. Regardless of how random or inconvenient, we have a solution for every nook and cranny in your home!

Closet Design Solutions for Attics

Attics can be a wonderful storage solution for many people. However, the more your Toronto roof slopes, the larger the storage obstacle. Or so people originally thought.

A finished attic can provide a quaint, cozy addition to your home – not to mention offer endless amounts of bountiful storage. This is when a professional Toronto closet design consultation can come in handy.

A wall-mounted storage unit can be designed to slope with the ceiling. Customize and perfect this with the following storage solutions:

  • Double hanging rods for taller areas.
  • Adjustable shelving, drawers and baskets to fill in the rest of the space as the ceiling slopes.

In addition, just because you can’t build high, doesn’t mean you can’t build out.

  • Pull-out pant/skirt or belt/scarf/tie racks can double your storage options without taking up much space.
  • Get a complete view of things with a pull-out full-length mirror.
  • Pull-out valet rods can give you instant storage in a snap!
  • Pull-out baskets can make organization a cinch.

Stairway to Heavenly Storage

Sometimes stairs can make turn an ideal nook into an unusable space. However, the extra space under the stairway can be a great addition to your Toronto closet design – it is ideal for entryway storage, or even a small office or craft area.

Entryways Under the Stairs

The components of a great entryway are compatible with the space under a stairway. With the addition of a few closet design solutions, you’ll be well under way:

  • Install a bench, for seating and extra storage.
  • Use hooks on the wall for coats and backpacks.
  • Integrate our adjustable shelving in the areas were the slope is more severe. Use them as cubbies to store things such as winter gear or shoes.
  • Within the cubbies, why not install some slatwall treatment so you can store your grab-and-go items with stylish ease?
  • Shoe racks help keep footwear together in an orderly fashion.

A Workspace of Your Own

Our adjustable office desks can fit beneath a sloping area – with plenty of headroom left over! A cabinet can be placed on top of the desk in the taller area to take advantage of the vertical space. On either side of your desk chair, consider installing some handy drawers for file storage or office supplies.

Store More Under the Stairs

Adjustable shelving is the obvious route to go here – simply install the unit and then adjust the shelves in order to accommodate your needs.

No Closet? No Problem

While our bread and butter is in closets, we have closet design solutions for rooms that offer little to no space in terms of storage. Enter the armoire. Our efficient wardrobes mount to the wall and come with all of the creature comforts that you expect from our professionally designed walk-in closet or reach-in closet. Believe it or not, wardrobes make small spaces work!

Your home can have fabulous storage, no matter how awkward or inconvenient the layout is. Your design consultant will open your eyes to possibilities you didn’t even know existed. Ready to get started on your new Toronto closet design? Contact us today to request a consultation.